OTD: Schuylerville Scouts Join a Camporee

#Onthisday in 1956, Schuylerville Scouts Join a Camporee 
The Saratogian reported on 1 June 1956 that: 
Seventeen members of Boy Scout Troop 13 of this community, accompanied by Scoutmaster Raymond Nelson, attended the weekend camporee of the Saratoga County Council at Camp Saratoga. 

Participating in the various camping activities, including cooking, campcraft, woodcraft, etc., were Lynn Patnaude, Chester Clark, Donald Sullivan, Brian Clancy, Charles Thibodeau, Jack Brown, Earl Pratt, Charles Mayer. Robert Rowe, Douglas Root, William Luongo, Jack Loomis, Ronald Periard, Darryl Periard, Norman Humiston, Richard Serbu and Gary Aldrich. 

The group left Friday afternoon and, after setting up camp, cooked the evening meal. Their weekend, with each doing his share, also included dishwashing and camp cleanup. 
The following local Scouts presented an historical sketch at the campflre which all troops attended, telling the story of the surrender of Burgoyne’e Army to General Gates at Old Saratoga. Several boys passed requirements needed for advancement, and teams competed with other troop teams in knot tieing, fire building and other pioneer activities. 

Lynn Patnaude was “tapped” for the Order of the Arrow at a ceremony held Friday night and passed the ordeal to become a member of this honor society in Scouting. 

Scoutmaster Nelson was Chosen for adult membership in the organization. S coutmaster Nelson said the rain Friday and Saturday failed to break down the enthusiasm of his boys, and that they were properly camped for overnight warmth and comfort.

Scoutmaster Nelson said he “appreciates very much the assistance of Harold Rowe, Mrs. Harvey Thibodeau and Mrs. Norman Humiston in providing transportation to and from camp. He added that “without the aid of adults and their willingness to donate some of their free time, it would be impossible to provide these Scouting activities which the boys enjoy so much.” 

In addition to Scoutmaster Nelson, Assistant Scoutmaster Edward Jeffords, Owen Root and Walter Serbu provided adult supervision in a staggered shift system.

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