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On this day in 1775, Benedict Arnold (who served with distinction two years later at Saratoga) begins the second wing of the American invasion of Canada up the Kennebec River toward Québec, while Generals Schuyler and Montgomery descend the Richelieu River; in 1861, the Hon. James B. McKean, of Saratoga Springs, the representative in Congress from this district at that time, issued the following stirring circular to his constituents :”Fellow Citizens of the Fifteenth Congressional District : —Traitors in arms seek to overthrow our constitution and to seize our capital. Let us go and help to defend them. Who wil respond because lost the battle of Bull Run? Our fathers lost the battle of Bunker Hill, but it taught them how to gain the victory at Bemis Heights.; “Let us learn wisdom from disaster, let us organize a Bemis Heights Battalion, and with each other in serving our country, thus showing that we are inspired by the holy memories of the Revolutionary battlefields upon and near which we are living;” and in 2014, the former USS Saratoga departed under tow Naval Station Newport, R.I., for a 16-day voyage to Esco Marine Inc. ship-recycling facility in Brownsville, Texas. 
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Hudson River Speedway

The Hudson River Speedway was a 1950’s stock car track was located beside the Hudson River and US 4 at Garnsey’s trucking. The Paul Garnsey family owned and ran the speedway. The Hudson River Speedway is an important part of our community’s 1950s landscape. The race track was located outside of the villages. Automobiles were the entertainment and the form the transportation to this social destination. In the post war recovery years, optimism pervaded the national attitude. Sports car racing was very popular with many tracks in Eastern New York and nearby Vermont. It is not known why the track ceases operations but American tastes changed. In late 1950s’, television sets had become affordable and with it less people venture out of their homes for entertainment. Times were good and people traveled. Automobiles began to reshape patterns of tourism. Riverside cottages and campsites multiplied as tourists took their vacations in the family car. The thrills of auto racing are no longer part of our community. It was a moment in time that was well thought of by the participants.

On this day

On this day in 1689, there was a French and Native attack on Saratoga focused on Bartel Vrooman’s farm with the historical records suggest three persons were killed; in 1777, British Lieut. Genl. Burgoyne wrote to Lord George Germain from Camp Nearly Opposite To Saratoga, that stated “the loss as at present appears amounts to about 400 men killed and taken in both actions and twenty six officers mostly prisoners, but ones who were disposed in the woods drop in daily… the chief subject of regret on our side after that, which any loss of gallant men naturally occasions, is the disappointment of not obtaining live cattle, and the lapse of time in bringing forward the magazines; the heavy work is now nearly completed and a new Bridge of Boats is thrown over the Hudson’s River opposite to Saratoga, the former one of Rafts having been carried away by the swell of water after the late continual rains; then enabled to move nothing within my scale of talent shall be left unattempted to fulfill His Majesty’s Orders, and I hope circumstances will be such, that my Endeavors may be in some degree assisted by a cooperation of the army under Sir William Howe”; and in 1994, the USS Saratoga (CV 60) was decommissioned at the Naval Station Mayport. 
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On this day

On this day in 1757, after the British defeat and loss of Fort William Henry in early August, British Colonel and Engineer Montresor oversaw the work at Saratoga and described a sawmill dismantled by the remainder of the provincial troops that were under the command of Colonel Fry (captured at Fort William Henry) and the works at Saratoga were reconstructed using stone, logs, facine, ditches, wood shingles, cut lumber, and bricks from Fort Edward; in 1758, it was “at Fort Miller, about 40 men of the Americans, under the Command of Capt. Lieut. McBean, & 2 Companies of Provincials”; in 1777, when the Native’s return to camp following Bennington, they decide to go home resulting in Burgoyne losing his eyes and ears; British Lieutenant William Digby of 53d Regiment of Foot described, “at this time many of the inhabitants who before came into our camp for protection calling themselves Torys went from us over to the enemy who we hoped soon to make pay dear for their late success at Bennington; it is scarce to be conceived the many difficulties we had to encounter in carrying on a war in such a country from the tediousness of removing provisions stores &c and the smallness of our numbers were much diminished by sending parties back and forward from Fort George to our camp”, and American Major General Horatio Gates appeared in camp with orders to relieve General Schuyler; in 1795, John B. Schuyler was at his home in Saratoga dies from a bilious fever; in 1949, a meeting was held to discuss the closing of the Cramer School; and in 1990, the Wagman’s Ridge school reunion at the Quaker Springs fire house. 

On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by following our twitter account @historysaratoga

(Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck and for compiling information for this timetable.)

We do history in Saratoga!

We do history in Saratoga! This photo by Walter Ardzieuice of the 2005 Surrender Day at Fort Hardy park along the Hudson River. Each year visitors get to witness the recreated surrender of British General Burgoyne to American General Gates. There is the singing of patriotic songs with Schuylerville and Salem school children. Everyone gets to drink 13 original toasts to the American Victory! This event is sponsored by the Village of Schuylerville and Town of Saratoga. It is a long local tradition and we try to celebrate close to October 17 (we make some modifications to allow the school children to participate.) What makes this event unique is that it is at the historical ground where the British forces surrendered and laid down their arms on October 17, 1777, bringing to an end the Battles of Saratoga. We do history in Old Saratoga. Whether you call us Saratoga, Old Saratoga, Schuylerville, Victory Mills, Clark’s Mills, Northumberland, Easton, Greenwich, we are all part of a community with so much history and so many traditions. It’s hard to find a month in the year that doesn’t have an remembrance, event or festival! A variety of local organizations ensure that the Earth Day, Memorial Day, Turning Point Parade, 18th Century Day, Candlelight Tour, Veterans Day, Dutch Christmas and more brings visitors, neighbors and friends out to enjoy the music, remembrances, costumes and heritage. The Town of Saratoga is proud be a part of these efforts. The Town works with a wide range of partners to help promote and participate in many other events like Saratoga National Historical Park, Old Saratoga Historical Association, Hudson Crossing Park, Lakes to Locks Passage, Friends of the Battlefield, Saratoga PLAN, Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership, Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County, Schuylerville Area Chamber of Commerce, villages of Schuylerville and Victory, and the Turning Point Parade Committee ….and more. Remembering, commemorating, and celebrating together fosters community ownership and neighborliness, develops more volunteers that work together to create positive changes for our community and encourages visitors to get to know us better. It is how we do history. Join in the fun, and you’ll appreciate the sense of community that’s been at the foundation of Saratoga for centuries. There are many ways you can help care for Old Saratoga, from one-time to reoccurring volunteer opportunities for youth, families, groups and individuals. To learn more about volunteering contact historiantosaratoga@gmail.com

On this day

On this day in 1893, Schuylerville’s “Old Betsy” fire engine won $325 at Coney Island and in 1956, the USS Saratoga sailed for Guantanamo and her shakedown cruise. 
On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by subscribing to our blog at http://ift.tt/2czXtwq (Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck for compiling information for this timetable.)