1965 Flynn Bros. Advertisement

This is a yearbook advertisement from the 1965 Schuyler Preparatory School yearbook called Pine Needles. Schuyler Preparatory School was formed in the 1960s on the former Dix Estate in Clarks Mills. The boys boarding school was designed with high academic standards and attracted students from beyond our community.

On this day – February 16

On this day, in 1893 the ice was 26″ thick on Saratoga Lake. In 1901, the town’s Prohibition caucus chose Melvin Thomas to run for Supervisor. In 1914, the Schuylerville Knights received a charter. In 1928, furniture was stole from Lottridge home on Rt. 29. In 1945, American paratroopers land on Corregidor, in a campaign to liberate the Philippines. In 1965, fire damaged Dr. Boright’s consultation room.
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February 16

OTD: Citizens Meeting on the Water Supply

#Onthisday in 1917, there was a “Citizen’s meeting is to be held at the Engine House, Church St., Thursday evening for the purpose of discussing the village water supply situation. A report has been made by an expert on the water and steps are to be taken it is felt to improve the conditions of supply. All residents interested in this meeting urge to be present,” according to the Saratogian on 12 February 1917
A week before there was a village board meeting on the water issue – https://ift.tt/2kLzLwB

Town of Saratoga Day Parade on Broad Street c.1988

Faces and Places: Town of Saratoga Historian’s Photographic Archives
Title: Town of Saratoga Day Parade on Broad Street c.1988
This was from the Town of Saratoga day parade (possibly from 14 August 1988) on Broad Street in the village of Schuylerville. 
The David Nevins Fire Department from Victory Mills, NY. are in the photo.
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OTD: Conference at Quaker Springs Church

#onthisdate in 1917 and at this time there was a conference at the Quaker Springs Methodist Episcopal church.
The Saratogian 10 February 1917 reported
On February 15 the fourth quarterly conference will be held at the Methodist Episcopal church. A meeting will be held at 10:30 AM, the district superintendent the Rev Luther A Brown, presiding. At 12:30 o’clock a chicken dinner will be served at the Meader’s hall by the Ladies Aid society. After dinner Mr. Brown will deliver an address at the church. All are invited.