Location: Saratoga Town Hall, 12 Spring Street, Schuylerville NY
Hours: by appointment
Telephone: (518) 695-3644 extension 323
Email: Saratoga Town Historian
Website: https://historianatsaratoga.wordpress.com
Twitter: @historysaratoga
Instagram: historiantosaratoga
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Mission of the Historian’s Office

State law requires that each town establish a Town Historian’s office for the purpose of preserving that town’s history. The historian serves as the chief history agent in the community. The position places the local historian at the heart of the movement to preserve and interpret the community’s heritage.  The Town of Saratoga was the site of Burgoyne’s Surrender, the American Victory at Saratoga and the Turning Point of America’s War of Independence.  The Town of Saratoga was established March 7, 1788.

The work of a Town Historian consists of four areas: 

  1. Research and Writing
  2. Teaching and Public Presentions
  3.  Historic Preservation
  4. Organization, Advocacy, and Tourism Promotion

What Can the Historian’s Office Do For You?

Organize and deliver public programs, assist in commemorative events, promote county heritage tourism, and advocate for the historic preservation of private and public buildings, and safeguard the documents and records of Town of Saratoga’s history.

The Historian’s Office can assist visitors in a number of different ways: by locating numerous documents, accessing computer databases, and explaining the use of various public records and where to find them, either in this office or at other locations.

Please…help us continue to chronicle the history of Saratoga.

Do you have any…

  • Photographs
  • Diaries
  • Scrapbooks
  • Journals
  • Church Records
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Family genealogies, etc.
  • or . . . any other history that you would like to share with the Town of Saratoga Historian’s Office?

 If you do…

You may donate them to our office where they will be preserved and used for future research. We have the ability to duplicate or scan your donations, adding them to our collections, and providing you with copies.