OTD: Surrender Ball dignitaries announced

#Onthisday in 1967, the Surrender Day Ball dignitaries were announced.
The Saratogian newspaper reported that
Legislators To Attend Dance
SCHUYLERVILLE — Among officials who will be attending the Surrender Day ball being staged in the junior high school Saturday evening, Oct. 14, will be Assemblyman Fred Droms and Mrs. Droms and State Senator Douglas Hudson and Mrs. Hudson. The ball is being sponsored by the Revolutionary War Celebrations Inc., as one of the feature events of the Surrender Day week-end October 13, 14 and 15th.
Committee on arrangements is Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Still, Fire Chief and Mrs. Raymond Zerwick and Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Boyce. Tickets will be available this week. A large attendance Is expected and since the facilities at the school are limited, it has been suggested by the committee, interested persons make their purchase well in advance of the event Gary Steven’s orchestra, which formerly appeared over WRGB-TV, will play.”
A few weeks before the Saratogian reported on 28 August 1967 that
Surrender Day Ball Set Oct. 14 in School Gym “
SCHUYLERVILLE – The first annual Surrender Day Ball will be held in Schuylerville the evening of Oct. 14 with Gary Steven’s Orchestra playing. The semi-formal event will be held from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the gym of the Schuylerville School under sponsorship of the Revolutionary War Celebrations, Inc.
Because of the limited space at the school, persons wishing to attend the event should plan to purchase their tickets well in advance of Oct. 14th. The Steven’s Orchestra appeared for several years during the dinner hour over WRGB. Several national and state officials are planning to attend, according to N. S. Langdon, co-chairman.
Committee on arrangement includes Mr and Mrs J. T. Still, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zerwick, Mr and Mrs. Spencer Boyce. The ball is being held in conjunction with the Oct.13 weekend observance of the Surrender of General Burgoyne to General Gates here.
Other activities will be the teenage dance the evening of Friday, the 13th, a parade the afternoon of Oct. 14 and a Tactical Demonstration by the Brigade of the American Revolution at Saratoga National Historical Park, Sunday, Oct. 15.”
In addition the Saratogian reported on 25 September 1967 that the event was limited to 200 couples. The tickets were on sale at the Hotel Schuyler in Schuylerville and Holmes Pharmacy in Greenwich, NY. The event was held at the Junior High School in 1967 which is where the current high school on Spring Street in the Village of Schuylerville.
The Brigade is still an active organization that is active in our community. The Brigade’s website is http://www.brigade.org/ In 2016, they held a firelock match at the Old Saratoga Muzzle Loading Club on Duell Road. The Muzzle Loading Club website is https://ift.tt/2dJlJbC
To learn wish to learn more about the Battles of Saratoga, you can visit the Saratoga National Historical Park in the towns of Saratoga and Stillwater. The park website is at https://ift.tt/2cxkI82 The Schuylerville Public Library schuylervillelibrary.sals.edu/ and all the libraries in the region have a number of books on the Battles of Saratoga. One of the more popular and well written books is Richard M Ketchum’s Saratoga: Turning Point of America’s Revolutionary War. (1997) New York: Henry Holt. ISBN 978-0-8050-6123-9. OCLC 41397623
Commemorations of the Battles of Saratoga help define a shared American identity and an evolving sense of patriotism. Governor Horatio Seymour said at the Centennial of the Battles said “On this spot, American Independence was made a great fact in the history of nations. Until the surrender of the British army under Burgoyne, the declaration of Independence was but a declaration. It was a patriotic purpose asserted in bold words by brave men, who pledged for its maintenance their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. But on this ground it was made a fact, by virtue of armed force. It had been regarded by the world merely as an act of defiance, but it was now seen that it contained the germs of a government, which the event we now celebrate made one of the powers of the earth. Here rebellion was made revolution. Upon this ground, that which had in the eye of the law been treason, became triumphant patriotism.”
Saratoga is “sacred ground” and the commemorations represent efforts to honor those who died or were wounded in service to their country and the causes for which they made their sacrifices.

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