2018 Town of Saratoga Calendar

The 2018 Town of Saratoga calendars featuring pictures from days gone by in the villages of Schuylerville and Victory and in the surrounding areas are now available. Calendar pages are sprinkled with close to 150 historical tidbits.  

You can see the Lohnes Bros. delivery truck for the Banner Store in Quaker Springs, high school students in Brigadoon in 1966, a 1937 Ford driven by Willy Griffen at the Hudson River Speedway, and the Quaker Springs United Methodist Church congregation in 1994 as they celebrated the 150th anniversary of the church.

​You will learn that fire destroyed the Theater Bar on Broad Street in 1984, the Dutch Reformed Church in 1831, and the four story Windsor Hotel on Broad Street in 1916, and that the Schuylerville Elementary School was recognized nationally as a Green Ribbon School.

Calendars may be purchased for $5.00 in Schuylerville at Byron’s Market, Revolution Cafe, Saratoga Apple, Schuylerville Public Library, Town of Saratoga Town Clerk’s office or at Olde Saratoga Home and Garden on Route 29 and from Marion DeHeer and Pat Peck, members of the Old Saratoga Historical Association. Call Pat Peck, 584-4129, to arrange to have calendars mailed.

This is a project of the Old Saratoga Historical Association.
Picture celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Quaker Springs United Methodist ChurchPicture taken by Dan Craine on November 6, 1994

Front row

Tim Lagoe, Deb Lagoe ( both standing behind children in front row)Meaghan Lagoe, Erica Marble, next 4 are Grandchildren of either Linda Marble or Ethel Gregg, Dr. Donna Meinhard, Rev. Virginia Cornell, Mary Ann Crandall, Jenalyn Michaud, Blake Thomas, Tyler Michaud, Schuyler Thomas, David Lagoe, Unknown

Second Row:

Mary McGuire, Ed Ormsby, Alice Peterson, Walter Griffen, Heather Varney, Kristen Varney, Cindy Varney, Linda Marble, Mary ( Crandall) Deuel, Dean Deuel, Richard Varney, Amanda Lagoe, Mandy Bergeron, Jeanne Daley holding Jordan Daley, Jim Daley, Katrina Richards, Lindsay Richards, Carolyn (Hayes) Richards holding Devon Richards, Stephanie Richards, Joe Morris, Ima Hayes, Doreen Kondratowicz, Bill Lagoe, Sally McLoughlin, Frank Kondratowicz

Third Row:

Paul Griffen, Sue Griffen, Phil Griffen, Linda Griffen, Virginia Montgomery, Art Montgomery, Sally Snowden, unknown, Diane Bergeron, Gerry Wood, Edie Woodbury, Peg Ormsby, Martha Gilgallon, Dot Wood, Fran Hagadorn, Marion Craine, Mary Gregg, Casey Gregg, Kira Gregg, Bruce Cornell, Ethel Gregg, Arda Skellie

Fourth Row:

Percy Dodd, Jane Purvee, Bill Lane, Mildred Thomas, Nelson Snowden, Chris Dodd, Bob Greenfeld, Bonnie Greenfeld, Nathan Dodd, Donna(Dodd) Thomas, Shelby Dodd, Dot Dodd( Mainly hidden), Diane Dodd, Mark Dodd, Cliff Thomas, Betty Everts, Wally Dodd, Art Traver, Marie Traver (mainly hidden), Marge Mosely, Mike McLoughlin (mainly hidden in back row)