Remembering 9/11

(This is a personal memory of Historian Sean Kelleher)

As we remember the 16th anniversary of September 11, we might think back on where we were on that day. (I found out at the Battlefield Visitors Center from now retired Ranger Joe Craig). We remember the first responders and all the other lives that were lost on September 11. We remember the members of our community that responded to assist our State in the aftermath. I also remember our Governor George Pataki and his comments in the State of State address in 2002:

“A hundred years from now, another governor will invoke the spirit of Sept. 11. For on that day, thousands of New Yorkers – firefighters, police officers, EMTs, Port Authority police, court officers, teachers, people from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe – responded to unspeakable horror with unrelenting heroism.

Through them, we saw the triumph of the human spirit over the worst evil known to mankind. And so, the story of Sept. 11 is very much the story of Saratoga, the story of New York, the story of one generation of New Yorkers who fought to secure freedom, and another who rallied to defend it.”

I also remember the day that Sr., Highway Superintendent Don Ormsby, retired town highway department worker Leon Derby Town Council Member Jim Jennings, and I (all members of the Quaker Springs Fire Department) went to NYC to Hanger 7 at JFK airport to pick up an artifact for the Saratoga Town Hall Volunteer Recognition Park.


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