On this day

On this day in 1777, General Schuyler sent forces from the main army to lift the siege at Fort Stanwix, the following day, Schuyler sent Benedict Arnold, who had recently been sent by Congress to take command of the relief force; in 1787, Philip Schuyler turned his Saratoga farm, much of his other estates, and most of his slaves over to his son, John Bradstreet Schuyler, to control and promised him full title upon his death; Philip Schuyler intended the land on the north side of Fish Creek to go to one of his other sons; in 1795, John B. Schuyler was at his home in Saratoga and becomes deadly ill from a bilious fever; in 1850, the USS Saratoga was recommissioned then later in the year the ship proceeded to the western Pacific for service in the East India Squadron; and in 1985, Tim Kavanaugh and George and Vaughn Ward presented Songs and Ballads of the Burgoyne Campaign at the Neilson House performed on the same type of instruments used then and sing songs documented to have been heard on the battlefield. 
On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by subscribing to our blog at http://ift.tt/2czXtwq
 (Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck for compiling information for this timetable.)

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