Another Big Weekend in Schuylerville 

Just a reminder of 2 upcoming events in Schuylerville this weekend. Please invite your family and friends to come to these events.

Saturday, August 12: 11 – 4 pm “Spin Til You Dye” at the Philip Schuyler House on Route 4, just south of Fish Creek. Watch members of Rock Day Spinners spin and dye the wool they have spun using natural dyes and dye materials available to 18th century colonists. Free.

Sunday, August 13: noon – 5 pm “18th Century Day at the Schuyler House” on Rt. 4, south of Fish Creek. 

Watch and learn from over 25 colonial artisans from tinsmith, broommaker, brewer, spinner, dyer, weaver, soapmaker, surveyor, quilter, beekeeper, farmer and banker to herbalist, farmer, powder horn maker. Try your hand at quilling, buttermaking, candledipping and colonial games and learn about early medicine and needle arts such as embroidery, knitting, crewel work. Enjoy a Punch & Judy Show and listen to colonial music. Watch sheep being shorn and tour the Schuyler House. Free.

We are still in need of cookies for refreshments, so, if you can, please drop some off at the Schuyler House on Saturday from 11am – 4 pm, or on Sunday after 10 am, or bring them with you when you come to the Schuyler House.18th Century Day is one of two mail events sponsored by the Old Saratoga Historical Association.

Forward this message to others and share with your friends.


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