On this day

On this day in 1690, Major General Fitz-John Winthrop (14 March 1637 – 27 November 1707), establishes Saratoga (Schuylerville) as a depot of supplies writing “I sent 30 horse under the command of Ensigne Thomlinson to Saratogo for more provition”; in 1758, Lemuel Lyon of Massachusetts mentioned passing through Fort Miller; in 1777, Friedrich Baum (1727–1777), a German dragoon Lieutenant Colonel of Brunswick in British service and his men are given their orders and prepared to advance to Fort Miller, British Lieutenant William Digby of 53d Regiment of Foot described, “the Provincials [Tories] arriving here day after day assure us that the enemy is encamped 30 Engl. Miles from here and that the American army is assembled under the command of Maj. Gen. Gates in Stillwater and Halfmoon, where they are heavily entrenched, on account of our continual lack of provisions, we cannot continue our march as yet, our Maj. Gen. von Riedesel has himself informed the regiment today that it is to be mount, that is to say, the regiment should mount itself and get the horses, but where? – it is very hot during the day and the nights are cold and foggy, we saw some swallows here and fewer insects, since Canada, we have not seen any churches, the inhabitants living here around Lake Champlain profess the Calvinist doctrine, for lack of churches and ministers, they are neither baptized nor do they take communion;” in 1781, seven men, sent from Canada, came to Albany and in the evening made an attack upon the town-house of General Schuyler, who chanced to be there at the time with his family, instead of Saratoga (Schuylerville), as was his custom in the summertime, there were threen defenders, who protected the General from capture or assassination; in 1782, the purple heart-shaped Badge of Military Merit was established, there are three recipients buried at our National Cemetery, they are Specialist Fourth Class Raymond R. Wright, (Vietnam), U.S. Army, Technical Sergeant Peter J. Dalessandro, (World War II), U.S. Army, and Sergeant Thomas A. Baker, (World War II), U.S. Army; in 1795, John B. Schuyler arrived at his house in Saratoga from a trip westward; in 1942, as flagship of Real Admiral F. J. Fletcher, the USS Saratoga opened the Guadalcanal assault in the early morning when she turned into the wind to launch aircraft, for the next two day, the ship’s planes provided air cover for the landings; in 1986, a storm washed away town roads and culverts, and in 1990, the USS Saratoga departed Mayport Naval Station for its 20th deployment, just days after Iraqi tanks invaded Kuwait. 
On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by following our twitter account @historysaratoga
 (Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck for compiling information for this timetable.)

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