On this day

On this day in 1777, John Johnson, with John Butler and Joseph Brant and a force of Loyalists, Gremans and Indians, ambushes American Gen. Nicholas Herkimer carrying reinforcements to Fort Stanwix, the Battle of Oriskany was a bloody affair that pitted neighbors fighting on both sides against one another resulting with the Tryon County militia was defeated with about 500 killed, wounded, or captured and Herkimer was mortally wounded but most importantly this battle breaks the peace that the Six Nations had shared for many years; while the battle took place, the Fort Stanwix garrison (American) raided part of St. Leger’s camp, capturing or destroying many of their supplies and thereby weakening St. Leger’s (British) prospects; meanwhile in Fort Edward, Lt. Thomas Anburey, serving with the 24th Regiment of Foot writes “the country between our late encampment at Skensboro and this place, was a continuation of woods and creeks, interspersed with deep morasses; and to add to these natural impediments, the enemy had very industriously augmented them, by felling immense trees, and various other modes that it was with the utmost pains and fatigue we could work our way through them, exclusive of these the watery grounds and marshes were so numerous, that we were under the necessity of constructing no less than forty bridges to pass them and over one morass there was a bridge of near two miles in length; in 1812 British Sir George Prevost’s offer of an armistice is delivered to Maj Gen Henry Dearborn(veteran of the Battles of Saratoga) at Albany, Dearborn responds with a limited cease-fire, prohibiting offensive actions but letting both sides reinforce their frontiers, this armistice will be revoked by President Madison; in 1961, it was declared Green Sabre Day; in 1972, Lt. Jim Lloyd, flying an A-7 from the USS Saratoga on a bombing mission near Vinh, Vietnam had his plane shot out from under him by a SAM, heejected into enemy territory at night, in a daring rescue by helicopters supported by CVW-3 aircraft the following day, he was lifted from the midst of enemy soldiers and returned to USS Saratoga; in 2000, there was the Third annual Turning Point Parade honoring Representative Gerald Solomon as grand marshal. 
On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by subscribing to our blog at http://ift.tt/2czXtwq 
(Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck and Town Supervisor Thomas Wood for compiling information for this timetable for compiling information for this timetable.)

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