OTD: Town Board was paying for Sheep Damage

#onthisday in 1916, there was a meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Saratoga was held in the town clerk’s office in the village of Schuylerville
Motion made and seconded that the Supervisor be hereby authorized to pay to two claims William P Baker amounting to $109 for sheep damage done by dogs on May 20 and June 19 from the dog fund 
These are the town board records of 1916 made by Town Clerk Paul August Hespelt.(1 Mar 1890 – 1945). 
Paul A. Hespelt (was a pharmacist at Miller’s pharmacy. The pharmacy was also the location of the Town offices (rented from C.J. Miller for $60 a year). 
The Town Clerk’s Office is the official repository for all ordinances, resolutions and official documents related to the Saratoga town government. The Town Clerk office is historical in its traditions, having served as a direct link between the residents and their local governments since the beginning. While town clerks are generally credited with issuing licenses, that is only a small part of this complex job. Many duties are mandated by state and town laws, but many more go well beyond those mandates as town clerks also serve as a major source of information to all. One of the most important roles is as the Records Management Officer. The Town Clerk is the custodian of all town records, responsible for active files, storage and position of inactive records, and the careful maintenance of archival material. 
William Perry Baker (17 Apr 1876 – 26 Jun 1969) was a farmer in the area of Myer’s Corners (on County 71 (Cedar Bluff Road)) just east of the intersection with County 70). He was married to Jennie E. Wright Baker (1875 – 06 Apr 1968) . They had three children Spencer (2 Aug 1902 – 24 Feb 1985), Elizabeth (15 Mar 1906 – 11 Mar1966), and Ester (19 Jun 1910-1 5 Jan 1986). Spencer Baker took over the farm and focused on poultry. Both daughters married into the Peck family from Bacon Hill. Elizabeth married Williard Peck (2 Jun 1898 – 7 Sept 1987) and Ester married Frederick Peck (25 May 1913 – 14 Nov 1992). 
The Town of Saratoga was established in 1788 as one of the four “mother” towns of Saratoga County, NY. The Town of Saratoga has a legacy that is rich history and a current environment that is attractive to residential, commercial, and agricultural pursuits. It is located in the eastern portion of Saratoga County bordering the Hudson River on the East, Saratoga Lake and the City of Saratoga Springs on the West, the Town of Stillwater on the South, and the Towns of Northumberland and Wilton on the North. 
Despite all of the changes that have occurred, the rural character of the Town and the spirit of the residents has remained constant. As the new millennium unfolds the town is prepared to honor its past and welcome the challenges that are forthcoming in the future. 
Thank you to David Peck and Patricia Peck for their efforts in developing the family genealogy.

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