On this day

On this day in 1675, King Philip’s War starts in New England, this war leads to the establishment of the neighboring Schaghticoke reservation (primarily Algonquian people who serve the English in Albany as an important buffer, intermediaries and spies); in 1757, British Colonel and Engineer James Montressor visited Saratoga where he examined a French prisoner and directed that a storehouse must be built “on the point,” and raised 3 or 4 feet from the ground (possibly for floods); in 1775, at Crown Point Colonel Benedict Arnold refused to serve any longer saying “I have so far lost the confidence of the Congress, that they have declined sending me money, as was promised …; “ and the New York Provincial Congress assumes power of taxation; in 1782, General Washington sent a letter to Matthew Clarkson which said “Major Matthew Clarkson commenced his military services as a volunteer early in the present war. In the year 1777, he received a Majority in the Army of the United States, and was present at the Surrender of Lieut. General Burgoyne at Saratoga,… I am authorized to declare that he has acquitted himself with great Honour, “ Clarkson was on the staff of General Lincoln and held a number of Federal and State positions, there is a town named after Clarkson in western New York; in 1792, Alexander Hamilton paid $50 to James Reynolds as part of the Hamilton–Reynolds Affair which was a political scandal involving the Secretary of the Treasury and Schuyler’s Son in Law Alexander Hamilton who had a one-year affair with Maria Reynolds while paying Maria’s husband, James Reynolds, blackmail money to maintain secrecy; in 1841, the Saratoga County Agricultural Society was formed; in 1863, the USS Saratoga was recommissioned and was ordered to the Delaware capes for guard duty off Delaware breakwater protecting Union shipping approaching and departing Delaware Bay and performed this duty through the end of the year; in1940, there was a graduation exercise at Victory Mills school; in 1969, the first operational “hands off” arrested landing using the AN/SPN-42, Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS), on a carrier was performed by Lt. Dean Smith and Lt.j.g. James Sherlock of Fighter Squadron 103 when their F-4 Phantom landed aboard USS Saratoga; and in 1994, the USS Saratoga arrived pier side at Naval Station, Mayport, Fla., to end a 164-day deployment which was the last in the carrier’s 38-year career.
 On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by subscribing to our blog at http://ift.tt/2czXtwq 
(Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck for compiling information for this timetable.)

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