On this day

On this day in 1775, the Provincial Congress of New York expresses approval of Albany’s troop raising efforts, but requests that no more troops be raised until further orders; in 1776, American General Arthur St. Clair skirmishes with the British at Three Rivers; in 1777, as Baron Riedesel prepares for the invasion of New York, he “set out about six o’clock in the morning, and at noon, dined at St. Denis with Lieutenant Colonel Specht, of our troops, and arrived in the evening at Chambly;” in 1831, the first election was held for Schuylerville offices; as the United States drew closer to participation in World War I, the USS Saratoga commissioned in full on this day in 1917, and joined the Pacific Patrol Force; in 1957, Saratoga resident Norman Russell passed away, he served as an airman in the US Navy; and in 1971, the USS Saratoga departed Florida for her eleventh deployment with the Sixth Fleet, via Scotland and the North Sea.  
On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by following our twitter account @historysaratoga 
(Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck for compiling information for this timetable.)

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