Another year!

On this day in 1839, Stephen VanRensselaer submitted $8,115.51 bill for canal work; in 1862, the 77th Regiment that included a company raised in Schuylerville was in the Battle of Williamsburg; in 1864, the forces of Union General Ulysses S. Grant with the 77th New York Volunteers from Saratoga County and Confederate General Robert E. Lee clash in the Wilderness forest in Virginia, beginning an epic campaign including the loss to the regiment of 14 men killed or mortally wounded, 4 officers and 39 men wounded and 2 officers and 7 men missing; and in 1941, 31 Stillwater Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees hurt as truck overturned. 
On this day is a chronological timetable of events that occurred on this day in history around the Town of Saratoga. Discover what happened today in local history by following us on Facebook at
 (Thank you to Deputy Historian Patricia Peck for compiling information for this timetable.)

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