Saratoga’s “Who do you think you are?” is Monday night

Early last winter,  the Schuylerville Public Library, the Town Historian’s office, and Saratoga County Historical Society at Brookside Museum have been receiving calls and visits from Los Angeles-based television producers trying to research a family history.

This Monday night we get to watch Liv Tyler and Steven Tyler trace their surprising ancestry in ninth season of Who Do You Think You Are? It turns out that there is a Town of Saratoga connection. According to the release “Liv Tyler was excited to find out she came ‘from music from all sides’ and that one of her relatives was half African-American. At that revelation, the 39-year-old Lord of the Rings’ alum’s famous father Steven Tyler (born Tallarico) gave her a high five and said: ‘Haha, I knew it!’

It should be fun, I know some of the ties are to Pearl Street, the Victory Mill and Prospect Hill Cemetery but what makes the show? We will all get to find out Monday night. 


2 thoughts on “Saratoga’s “Who do you think you are?” is Monday night

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