100 years ago – National Guard guarding Schuylerville’s Canal Locks


The Greenwich Journal reported on 4 April 1917 the following:

Barge Canal Locks Placed Under Guard Monday
Vicinity Companies Have Been Called Out

All the National Guard companies of this vicinity have been called into service and most of them have been detailed on guard duty in various sections. …

The barge canal locks at the west end of this town (Greenwich so Lock 5 near Schuylerville) as well as other throughout the length of the Canal were placed on the guard Monday.  Each lock in patrolled by eight or ten men under the command of an officer. All the railroad bridges across the Hudson river are also under strict guard.
The purpose of the precautions is the guard against possibility that important means of transport are crippled by explosives or other means within the reach disloyal persons with in this country.

I found this article visiting the Gill Room of the Greenwich Public Library. The Gill Room is a great source for researchers. Greenwich is very fortunate for such a room.  Hopefully the trustees of the Schuylerville Public Library will create a similar room for this community.  The Schuylerville Public Library is starting a building plan so hopefully those that advocate for local history can encourage a local or regional history area in the future.


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