Resolution honoring Mayor John Jay Sherman for his 28 years of service to Schuylerville


Resolution number #17–43

Date 03/13/2007

Resolution honoring Mayor John Jay Sherman for his 28 years of service to Schuylerville

Offered by Supervisor Thomas Wood

Second by Councilman Michael McLoughlin

At a regular meeting of the Town Bboard of the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County Saratoga, State of New York, held on March 13, 2017 the following resolution was made as indicated above

Whereas the Town of Saratoga wishes to recognize and honor John J Sherman for 28 years of service as mayor of the village of Schuylerville and

Whereas John J Sherman is the son of Edward and Mary LeClair Sherman, born March 11, 1940 in Victory Mills NY and

Whereas, John J Sherman is one of three children and 

Whereas John J Sherman grew up on Gates Avenue in the village of Victory, and later moved to the village of Schuylerville, living on Ranger Road, and

Whereas John J Sherman is married to Martha Brownell on February 3, 1968 and had two sons, David and Joseph and two grandchildren Tyler and Mikayla,

Whereas John J Sherman graduated from Schuylerville high school in June 1959 and 

whereas John J Sherman attended Albany Business College graduating in 1961 with a major in accounting, and

Whereas, following college graduation John J Sherman worked for the Swift Meat Company, Terrant Manufacturing Company and 37 years at Hillman Brothers Trucking in South Glens Falls, New York and

Whereas John J Sherman became interested in politics, serving as Mayor of the village of Schuylerville for 28 years, and 

Whereas, John J. Sherman serve the community in numerous ways including the Greater Schuylerville Youth Commission, the town of Saratoga Republican committee, Old Saratoga Athletic Association, and

Whereas, John J. Sherman is active in many local organizations, always serving the community by working coin drops, directing traffic, and caring for Fort Hardy Park, the beach, and Visitors Center and

Whereas John J. Sherman enjoys many hobbies including bowling, collecting Hess trucks, and collecting Lionel trains, and

Whereas John J Sherman demonstrated in his daily life the qualities and attributions which are highly desired and valued by our society, and

Whereas, John J Sherman is active in the Norte Dame Visitation Church and is a caring and giving individual, and

Whereas it is fitting at the Town of Saratoga honors and recognizes John J Sherman for all of his service to our community, now, therefore be it,

Resolved at the day of March 13, 1917 is hereby dedicated to John J Sherman in grateful recognition by the Town Board of the Town of Saratoga behalf of all the residents of the Town

Supervisor Thomas Wood aye, Councilman Charles Hanahan aye, Councilman Mike McLoughlin aye, Councilman James Jennings aye.

In witness where as we set upon our hands and affix the seal of the town of Saratoga on this 13th date of March 2017

Photo of Martha Brownell Sherman, Mayor John Sherman, and Supervisor Thomas Wood.


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