100 Years Ago Schuylerville and Quaker Springs women in regional temperance work.


Women from every part at Saratoga County gathered in Saratoga today for the mid-winter Institute of the Saratoga County W. C. T. U.. which is being held in the New England Congregational church. The closing session will he held this evening when Dr. P. J. Hirst. superintendent of the Homestead Sanatorium will talk on “How alcoholic beverages cause tuberculosis and other diseases.” 
There will also be talks by Miss Helen I. Root, of Corinth, a former missionary to Ceylon, and Mrs. Marie Ames Coleman of Troy. 
The conference was called to order soon after 9 o’clock this morning by Mrs. Jennie E. Wright. the president. The Crusade hymn was sung and Mrs. Wright, in place at Mrs. George Parkhurst, of Quaker Springs, read the Crusade Psalm. Prayer by Miss Emma G. Garrett followed and routine business was then taken up for a few minutes. 
Mrs. Ida H. Read welcomed the county union on behalf of the local union. and the Rev. J. B. Gaylord extended a welcome from the churches. Miss Helen I. Root responded, in the stead of Mrs. N. G. Woodard. of Porters Corners. who was scheduled to respond.  
After this followed In efficiency congress devoted to five minute speeches by county superintendents and branch secretaries on the ways each union may help to bring about national prohibition. Mrs. Florence Orton spoke at the Young People’s Branch; Mrs. Jennie Travers. of the Loyal Temperance Legion; Miss lda M. Smith, at the department at scientific instruction; Mrs. Ida H. Read, at the department of cooperation with missionary societies: Mrs. E. P. Ford. of the department of press work; Mrs. C. W. Cipperly. of the department of mothers’ meeting: Mrs. T. E. Bullard. of the work among soldiers and sailors. 
At this point there was a vocal solo by Mrs. J. Blaine Towne. 
The congress then took up its work again the discussions continuing as follows: Mrs. E. P. Ford, temperance labor; Miss Carrie L. Smith, literature; Mrs. Samuel Hewltt, medal contests; Miss Kathryn H. Starbuck, franchise: Mrs. lda H. Reed, Sabbath school work and evangelism. 
Many practical suggestions of value were brought out through the talks and the discussions that accompanied them. 
Noon prayer was offered by Miss Helen I. Root. and luncheon was then served at the church. 
This afternoon’s session was occupied with practical talks and discussions. Roll call was held shortly after 2 o’clock. Mrs. Daniel C. Ross gave a ten-minute address on “What I saw at the national convention,” and Mrs Jennie E. Wright a similar talk on “What I heard at the national convention,” Mrs Marie Ames Coleman, of Troy. was also on the program. 
There was also a symposium of ten minute speeches on that national constitutional prohibition will mean to the home, to business, to  evangelism, and to public morals. The speakers were Mrs. Ida H. Read, Charles E. Robbins, Helen I. Root and Rev. Georze C. Douglass.
This was reported in the Saratogian on 6 March 1917

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