OTD: Noted Australian Soldier Skeyhill lectured at the High School

#onthisdate Noted WWI Soldier Skeyhill lectured at the high school. 
On 23 February 1923 the Schuylerville Standard reported that:

Schuylerville and Victory Teachers Bring Skeyhill Here. 

March 6. Sponsored by the faculties of the Schuylerville and Victory Mills schools, the lecture by Tom Skeyhill at the high school auditorium on March 6 promises to offer a most instructive and worthwhile evening. 

Mr. Skeyhill is a young Australian, a soldier, a poet, a world traveler, student of literature, political economy and world affairs. He was stricken blind while fighting the Turks at the Dardanelles and spent three of the last ten years in total darkness. Miraculously he recovered his sight in 1918, and is today one of the most popular and most sought lecturers of the American platform. 

Since 1915 he has visited many lands and crossed many seas, has traveled over a quarter of a million miles, and has visited every European country except Portugal. He has recently returned from a three months’ tour of Italy and he brings back with him a most interesting lecture, “Mussolini and the Black Shirts.” This will be the subject of his talk on March 6. 

Mr. Skeyhill has fought with, lived with and studied first hand, the young men of Europe, and in their mental process he finds the genesis of a new movement which he believes will salvage European civilization; and in our lifetime bud and bloom in the blossoming springtime of a new renaissance. He says “Youth is in revolt against the old order of things with its wars and revolutions, intrigues and exploitations, dogmas and rituals,etc.” and is asking, nay demanding, a heritage of peace and love and a chance to enjoy in comfort and safety, some of the finer things of life.

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