Architect Pilcher Outline Step That have been Taken to Preserve and Restore Some of the Historical Reservations in This Vicinity
Albany, March 3.—Steps have been taken by the State Architect’s office to make repairs to the monument at the Saratoga battleground, according to Lewis F. Pilcher. state architect, in the annual report of the State Department of Architecture.
Plans have also been prepared for the restoration at the Governor Clinton House at Poughkeepsie. The preservation. restoration, and repair of State historical reservations by the State require careful study and investigation. according to the State architect.
This work of the state is carried along on two lines, first, where entire restoration of a historic building or landmark has been necessary, the state has undertaken to reproduce the best example of similar work, consistent with local custom, and, second, where restoration is not required, the preservation of the remains of the original have been undertaken with the addition of as little modern material as possible. Increased interest in these places or historical value are reported each year and accuracy an extensive research are required in the preparation for restoration.
The most important undertaking at the Crown Point Reservation on Lake Champlain has been the continuation of the work on the old French fort, St. Frederic. The French, in their early explorations, realized the value of this commanding point on the route from the St. Lawrence to the Hudson. A small fortified outpost was established in 1731, and although the entire Champlain Valley was by treaty, neutral ground, this simple stone post remained undisturbed until 1749 when a stone fortress or greater strength was built. It has been stated that this was one of the strongest fortifications in America. It is interesting to actually see what was considered a stronghold and incidentally to compare it with the English fort built seventy-four years later by General Jeffrey Amherst on the higher levels nearby.
( The article goes into great depth on Crown Point and the information is available via posted graphics below).
The restoration oi the General Schuyler Mansion at Albany has progressed and the building is nearing completion. It is located on Schuyler street in the southern part at the Capitol City. In opening up the old fireplace, it found that the jambs were laid in twenty-eight old Dutch Biblical tiles. This discovery added much to the interest of this chamber which has been considered as General Schuyler’s bedroom.
Great care was taken to preserve the tomahawk mark on the main stair handrail, the authenticity for which is well established by history. Old hardware has been repaired and duplicates used in other places. Restoration results thus far obtained have been satisfactory.
Sketches have been prepared, preparatory to building a caretaker‘s cottage at the Genersl Nicholas Herkimer homestead at Danube. near Little Falls. This home is under the control of the Daughters at the American Revolution and the German-Amercan Alliance. The work will be started in the spring.
A caretaker’s cottage has been started at the Sir William Johnson Mansion at Johnstown which is under the supervision of the Johnstown Historical Society. The caretaker’s quarters will be removed from the old mansion and other restoration work will be started as soon as funds are available.
This was reported in Saratogian 3 March 1917

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