In the early morning of 3 March 1917, the community was struck with a tragedy.
The Saratogian reported:
Body of Well Known Resident of Bacon Hill Found in the Water at the Dam in Fish Creek – Drove Into Water in Darkness
The dead body of Augustus G. Deyoe, a well known resident of Bacon Hill, was found in the water lodged against the crest oi the east end of the dam in Fish Creek at Grangerville about 6 o’clock this morning. In the water near the‘ bridge, with its head just above water. was Mr. Deyoe’e horse, still living, attached to the cutter in which its owner had left Schuylerville, alone, at 11 o’clock last night, on his way to Bacon Hill.
Although there was no human witness to the incidents that led to Mr. Deyoe’s death, it is believed that he pulled off the road just as he was to drive onto the bridge, and he and horse and cutter fell down the embankment into the creek. Although the water is completively shallow at that point it is still deep enough to cause a man’s death. It is only a short distance from the point where he fell, to the dam, to which his body was carried by the current.
An investigation this morning reveiled that the roadway at the end of the bridge in considerably worn. and Mr. Deyoe probably turned out to secure better footing tor his horse. In the darkness he failed to perceive that he was too far out from the roadway. Had he turned out a few places further he would have been safe because the bridge is protected by guard railing.
Although the accident probably occurred about midnight it was not discovered until early this morning, when Maurice Kearney, employed as gatekeeper by the Saratoga Victory Manufacturing Company on his way to work, was astonished to see the head of a horse protruding from the water near the bridge. He had not proceeded with his investigation much farther when he saw Mr. Deyoe’s body in the water near the dam. No water was flowing over the dam at the time, else it might have been carried further down the stream. Mr. Kearney hastily notified Elmer E. Baker, who resides nearby, and the latter summoned Dr. W. B. Webster.
The body of Mr. Deyoe was taken from the dam, and the horse and cutter were removed from the water. The horse will probably live.
The investigation conducted by Dr. Webster revealed that drowning was the plain cause of death and the affair was entirely accidental. When Dr. Webster so reported to Coroner Frederic J. Ressequie, the latter gave permission for removal ot the body. In Mr. Deyoe’s pockets were found his watch and some money. The watch had stopped at 3:30 o’clock. It is supposed that the accident occurred before that hour. although, if it did occur earlier it is explainable why the watch kept running until that hour, if the body was in the water. Possibly, it was protected for some hours by the men’s heavy clothing.
Mr. Deyoe was well known throughout Saratoga county. He was fifty-six years of age and had been active in many organizations. He was the son of the late Daniel H Deyoe, at one time sheriff of Saratoga county. He had been Republican committeeman from Northumberland and the town of Saratoga .
He was a member of Home Lodge, 393, F. A. M. Home chapter, 170 R. A. M., Washington commandery. 33 K. T. Bacon Hill grange. and Bacon Hill Reformed church. He was engaged in the farming business and was a native of Northumberiand. Mr. Deyoe was twice married. His first wife was Grace Niede. a daughter of the Rev. George H. Niede. a former rector at St. Stephen Episcopal church at Schuylerville. After her death, he married Wertie Cooper in St. John Episcopal church at Richmond, Va., who survive him.
His other survivors are a son William S, two grandchildren all of Bacon Hill Hill; a brother, Daniel, of Schenectady; and a sister, Martha of Albany Funeral arrangements have not been completed. It will probably be held Tuesday.
The story continues here and below.
A few days later the Greenwich journal on 7 March 1917 reported
Augustus Deyoe Returning Home At Night Meet Death In Fish Creek Pond, Horse Found Alive
The body of Augustus Deyoe. 50 years old, was found early Saturday morning in Fishcreek at the Grangerville dam and of course he had driven when he started home from Schuylerville the night before was in the mill pond with the cutter is still attached to him.
The horse was alive.
Mr. Deyoe had been in Schuylerville the night before and is said to have started for home about midnight. The sledding was poor in many places, and one theory of the accident is that in trying to keep on the snow at the side of the road the driver got too far out and the rig slewed over the embankment into the water pulling the horse after it.  
Mr Deyoe was a farmer living in the vicinity of Grangeville. He is survived by his widow and the son William. Also by a brother Daniel Deyoe of Schenectady and his sister Martha Deyoe of Albany.
The Saratogian reported the news from Grangerville on 10 March 1917 which included “Several attended the funeral of a A. G. Deyoe Tuesday. Much sympathy is expressed for the family.”
In addition, on 12 March 1917, The Saratogian‘s headline read
By the terms of the will of Angustus G. Deyoe, late of Bacon Hill, who was drowned in Fish Creek on March 3 when his horse accidentally walked off the end of the Grangerville bridge, an estate valued at $7,000 is to be left to his wife, Wertle Lee Deyoe.
Mrs. Deyoe, who is named as executrix, is left all the personal property. estimated at $1,000, and the life use of the real estate which is to go to a son, William S. Deyoe, at her death.


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