Saratoga-Victory Manufacturing Company Offers new Features to Employees and Residents – Series of Addresses Through Lent by Dr. Gallahan
Schuylerville, March 3-  The Saratoga-Victory Manufacturing company, through its agent, J. D. Upright, at the palnt of the company in Victory Mills has added a new feature to the many useful institutions established in connections with the Community House work in that village.  This feature is the introduction of a series of talks or lectures which will be of incalculable value to the employees of the Victory mill and residents of the community as well as to the company’s plant itself.   
The first of a series of talks upon the subject of First Aid Work was given by Dr. E. J. Callahan, of Schuylerville at the Community House Thursday evening before an intensely interested gathering.  The talks are to be continued throughout the Lenten season and possibly after, one lecture to be given on Thursday evening of each week of that period.  
In introduction this new venture at the Community House Thursday evening Dr. Callahan said:  “It is with great pleasure that upon coming here this evening I find so many who were interested enough in the advertised program to come and attend our first meeting.”  
“Beginning tonight and continuing during lent on Thursday nights at 8:15 pm I will attempt to enlighten this community along definite medical lines, especially in regards to certain hygienic measures and proper conduct in cases of emergency.   
“These meetings are to be universal in type, meaning by this that we are all here for the same purpose, namely education.  While they are to be along ordinary lines, a more or less scientific importance will be attached to them in that all information given out will be from scientific medical papers.  Therefore from mere value of absolute accuracy all instructions, data and statistical calculations and general directions will be read, instead of committed to memory and spoken. “
“The scope of our field of work is indeed unlimited.  At the present time throughout the country almost countless societies are being formed daily for the purpose of instruction of the people in case our country enters into the present war.  Preparedness is the present cry and is it not for a good cause?  our personal opinions vary greatly as to our condition in regards to fitness for war. ”  
“It is very easy to criticise the President of the United States for not taking a warlike attitude, but if you use your imagination you may grasp the idea that he knows we are not prepared to be warlike unless we are also prepared to be badly thrashed, and you can also imagine that he  knows we are not prepared to be badly thrashed and you can also imagine that cannot tell us this fct for obvious reasons, even if he wants to defend himself.  So, too, the peace-on-earth lovers state that the officers of the army and navy want preparedness because they which to magnify their importance and promote war.  Apparently how absurd this idea is.  no one can see the power of modern guns and the horror of war and yearn for a share in it for the mere value of fighting.  A well-balanced imagination will enable us to preserve that the real reason a naval officers pleads  for preparedness is the reason that would animate any of us if placed in a Sheriff’s posse and told to arrest the leader of a mob armed with rifles, while we of the posse were armed with canes. ” 
This was reported in Saratogian 3 March 1917
This article goes on but due to software restraints we can only provide the photos of the article below.

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