OTD: WTCU had a food sale

#Onthisday, “The local branch of the WCTU held a successful food sale in the Standard office, Broad Street, Saturday afternoon,” reported the Saratogian on 27 February 1917. 
The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union had their fundraiser at the Schuylerville Standard newspaper office which was reported in a Saratogian newspaper.
Our community is missing some of our rich history because the Schuylerville Standard was not saved from after 1903.  The Historian’s office is trying to locate all existing copies of the Schuylerville Standard newspaper afteE 1903.  Please let the Historians office know if you have any copies of the Schuylerville Standard, and which issues you do have.
Also, if you would be willing to loan your copies for microfilming or photography. We are very hopeful that we can find this as we are using the newspapers from the neighboring communities (Greenwich Journal and Saratogian in particular).  We feel that we are missing some of the original experiences of our community. 
“Journalism is the ‘first rough draft of history'” is credited with Washington Post President and Publisher Philip L. Graham  (although there might be other sources).  Although this is a demissive quote, this rough draft would certainly explain the progressive movement period and social history of our community. 

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