OTD: Standard Reported on Looting of Grangerville Home

On this day in 1923, The Schuylerville Standard reported on the following. 

Taste for Antiques Lands Men in Jail. 

Charged with Looting Lottridge Home. 

Stolen Articles Traced George Scott and Henry Demars Held for Grand Jury by Justice Cummings-furniture worth 2,000 stolen Charged with taking valuable antiques from the home of A.C. Lottridge near Grangerville

George Scott of Easton and Henry Demars of Schuylerville were arrested last Thursday by Deputy Sheriff Anderson of Saratoga county. They were arraigned Friday before Justice of the Peace John W. Cummings in this village with District Attorney John B. Smith present. The hearing was adjourned to the following day to permit the men to secure counsel. On Saturday they were again arraigned and caretakers at his home during the winter, which he was to spend in the SouthLast week Mr. Lottridge’s daughter, Miss Mary Lottridge, returned home unexpectedly from New York City. She found no one at the house. Making an entrance through a window she discovered that numerous articles, including several pieces of antique furniture were missing. 

Miss Lottridge notified Sheriff Cromie and Deputy Sheriff Anderson went to Easton and arrested Scott at the home of his mother Mrs. Nellie Scott, who lives in the southern part of Easton. Later Miss Lottridge went to Easton and in company with Deputy Sheriff George Pierce of that town went to the Scott home where she identified several small articles as having been taken from her home. Demars was also taken into custody at Schuylerville. He denies all knowledge of the affair, claiming that he was only a visitor at the place from time to time. However, it is said that during the course of the investigation which followed it was discovered that he as well as Scott had attempted to dispose of the furnishings to antique dealers. Certain pieces sold have been located and the whereabouts of the remainder of the loot is known. 

It is reported that several pieces of furniture taken from the Lottridge home have been traced to antique dealers and it is believed hat at least some of them can be recovered. Miss Lottridge, it is said, estimates the value of the articles taken from the house at about $2,000.


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