OTD: High School program honoring Washington and Lincoln.

High School News 
The following programs were given in the Academic department today at 2 o’clock in honor of Lincoln’s in Washington’s Birthday. Informal programs were given in all the other rooms. Selections. high school orchestra; song. High school; essay, Lincoln service to his country, Elizabeth Sherman; declamation, Gettysburg address, William Elkins; Victorals selections; recitation. Oh captain! My captain! Loretta Potter; quotations on Lincoln; piano solo, Howard Hemstreet; essay, Washington’s service to his country. Charles Woodcock; recitation.The battle of Bunker Hill calmer Francis Orr; recitation. Independence Bell, Elise Cormier; victrols selections; recitation, Nathan Hale, Hazel VanDerwerker; recitation, The true glory of Washington. Marion Brown; quotations of Washington; declamation. The American flag. Isaac Schapiro; recitation. The republic, Helen Rugg; selection. High school orchestra; address, HF Toohey: songs and flag salute, Our Country’s Flag. All friends of the school and members of patriotic organizations are cordially invited to be present. 
This was reported in the Saratogian 23 February 1917

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