OTD: Washington was born

Washington’s birthday according to the Julian calendar, which was abandoned by Great Britain and its colonies in 1752, was 11 February. Adoption of the Gregorian calendar moved the date to 22 February, so Happy Birthday George Washington! 
Washington visited Saratoga in 1782 and 1783. Some birthday greetings to George Washington, gathered from Founders Online (founders.archives.gov) and the Papers of George Washington, supported by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.
The  as I do on the 22d Day of Febry, I seize with avidity, the opportunity of felicitating my Country on another pleasing occasion of celebrating your Birth Day; and of expressing to you my sincere & most affectionate Wishes, that you may yet live to enjoy many such returng Anniversaries, in health, happiness & honor. 
— Jonathan Trumbull Jr. to George Washington, Feb. 22, 1799 *** 

As I hope for the Honour of addressing your Excellency again before your departure from this State Permit me Sir onely to add That this being the Anniversary of your Exalted Birth which will be Cellebrated by all good men In which those of Lancaster will have a Distinguished Share, That my most fervant prayers are and will Continue to be That your Excellency will yet See many returns of it That your Enemys altho few may sinck into oblivian, That the Evening of your days may be Tranquil and happy, and That you Will do me the Honour of believing 

That I am & ever will remain Your Excellencys most obediant and most Humble Servant 
— Matthias Slough to George Washington, Feb. 22, 1797 *** 

At a Meeting held by appointment at Mr William Charles’s Tavern in James City County on Wednesday the 22d day of Feby 1797. A number of the inhabitants of the County and other Citizens Assembled in order to celebrate the Anniversary of the birth of their beloved fellow Citizen George Washington President of the United States, after having dined they paraded before the Tavern attended with Music, marched into an adjacent field and there formed a circle, after which the following address was presented which being read and a question taken thereupon was agreed to and John Pierce a Citizen present was requested to transmit a Copy thereof to the president. Sir This day being the Anniversary of your birth a number of your fellow Citizens have Assembled to celebrate the Auspicious day you were initiated into the world, An event which naturally leads us to contemplate on the great and important services you have rendered your native State and the United States in general…. 
John Pierce, February 22, 1797 
h/t to National Historical Publications and Records Commission

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