More on the Villa Fire

I found another article on the fire that happened 100 years ago on Ferry Street at Villa’s Tripoli Hotel. 


(Special to the Saratogian)

Schuylerville, February 21 – Damages amounting to about $6000 was caused by fire this morning which gutted the upper two floors of the Hotel Tripoli, Ferry Street, this village. The blades which was discovered at 3:30 o’clock by I L Strang who resides in the Gates hotel nearby, originated, it is believed calmer from a defective chimney.

The building, a three-story, brick structure, is owned by Barney Villa, Who conducts the hotel in a saloon in grocery store on the ground floor. 

The fire was confined to the upper floors but the stock in the grocery store as well as other parts of the building not seriously damaged by fire were drenched with water. Insurance is carried with Philip Kahn. 

This is a link to yesterday’s story


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