100 Years Ago Health of the School Pupils

Earlier this month, 100 years ago, Dr. T. E. Bullard gave a report to the school board on the health of the pupils. The Saratogian (14 February 1917) reported on the Board of Education meeting from Monday, 12 February 1917. 

The Board of Education held an important meeting Monday evening. W. E. Bennett in the absence of President Harry C. Funston was President pro tem. Bills were audited and it was voted to divide the amount of school insurance equally among three local agents Walter C Tefft and Co. Philip Kahn, and Miss Julia Sheldon. Heretofore the insurance has been equally divided among four agents. Dr. T. E. Bullard, medical inspector, handed in his health report for the examination of the school children for the year 1916 to 1917 in part the report follows:

“As was found last year, the condition of children’s teeth constitutes by far the most important and frequent defect and is also the most amenable to treatment. The interest shown by pupils in the care of their teeth shows a marked improvement over the last year particularly in the cleanliness of the same. Several of the pupils who were found to have defective breathing last year have had their condition remedied by operation and the results have been most gratifying. It is to be hoped that some of the others who need operations will have the same attended to before very long. One of the most gratifying results of the work of the medical school inspections is the increased interest of the pupils themselves and their own physical condition growth etc. In addition, I think it is very evident that the parents of the pupils and the public generally are realizing the importance and value of medical school inspections

Detailed report by grades including the high school shows that the total number of people that settlement from grades one to eight to be in each grade 70, 38, 48, 41, 35, 37, 24 with 86 examined in the high school making for a grand total of 417 pupils examined by the medical inspector. The number we referred to a dentist, physician or other specialist for relief. “


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