OTD: Mens Civic Club Meets

#Onthisdate and at this time in 1917, “the Men’s Civic club will hold a meeting at the Red Lion in Broad Street,Tuesday evening, February 13 at 8 o’clock. All the members and those interested in the new organization are urged to intend this important meeting. The club already has a large enrollment. The purpose of the organization is to improve the village conditions and to secure if possible in cooperation with the Women Civic League recently organized a new library site in building for the housing of the Schuylerville Free Llibrary. The meeting Tuesday evening will be for men only. Every businessman in the community who is interested in the improved welfare of Schuylerville is asked to make an effort to be present in show his loyalty to the club cause.” This news was reported in the Saratogian 8 February 1917. 
 Two days later it was reported “All business men and their friends who are interested in the organization and work of the new Men’s Civic club are requested to attend a special meeting to be held at the Red Lion Inn, Broad Street, Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock. Plans for bettering many conditions locally are to be discussed. The membership at the club is growing rapidly and the sponsors of it urge the attendance of others who have not already become a part of this latest Schuylerville innovation. A pull together it is stated will accomplish more than the general pull apart. The Women’s Civic League cooperating with the Men’s Civic club is to hold a meeting in the Schuylerville Free Library rooms, Broad Street, next Thursday afternoon. These two organizations are distinct in membership but are organized to work together for the betterment of village affairs.

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