OTD: Reports of a Poultry Fancier & Barber

On this day in 1917 it was reported “Charles Cheney a local barber and poultry fancier has received from A. C. Hawkins, a thoroughbred Barred Plymouth Rock”. This was part of the News from Schuylerville a special to the Saratogian on 12 February 1917 
The bird we now call the Barred Plymouth Rock originated in the 1860s, in Worcester, Massachusetts, when Mr. D. A. Upham crossed a Dominique cock and either a Black Java or a Black Cochin hen. The breed he helped to develop was, like the Dominique, hardy and thrifty. It was a bit heavier than the Dominique, and an excellent producer of meat and eggs. The Barred Plymouth Rock became the most common farm chicken in the United States. The handsome birds were popular with fanciers as well. Other color varieties were developed, including white, which was soon selected for meat production and is now used to produce the ubiquitous Rock-Cornish hybrid broiler,” according to an online exhibit from the Mann Library at Cornell University.

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