OTD: Old Burgoyne Home Bureau meet

#Onthisday in 1954, “a film of Mrs. Dwight Goggins trip to Germany and a business session followed by refreshments mark the February meeting of the Old Burgoyne Home Bureau at the home of Mrs. Judson Blodgett in Quaker Springs, Thursday night. Mrs. Guilt Everts, chairman conducted the business session. A report on the recent supper at the home Mrs. Marshall Wood for the benefit of the bureau netted $26.50, it was announced. There was a discussion of Farm and Home week which will be held in March. It is expected a delegation will attend although no definitive action was taken. It was announced the project for the March meeting will be a film on cancer control from the State Department of Health. This meeting will be a joint session with the Old Saratoga and the Wagmans Ridge units and will be held at the Methodist Church Quaker Springs. The donation was made to the Heart Fund. Following an interesting talk by Mrs. Dwight Goggin on her trip to Germany last summer which was supplemented with a film strip of her travels refreshments were served with Mrs. Delberta Wilson in charge. ” This was repu in the Saratogian 13 Feb 1954.  
We have an earlier post on the Wagman’s Ridge Home Bureau http://ift.tt/2lBvj3z

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