100 years ago, the Reform church OK renting a vacuum


100 years ago today it was reported that:
The Pastors Helpers society of the reformed church met at the home of Mrs. Charles F Powers, Broad Street, Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock. After the business session, a social time was enjoyed.  Mrs. Frank Myers, Mrs. Charles McRae, Mrs. E. D. Naylor, Mrs. Howard Telfair and Mrs. Raymond Myers assisted the hostess and serving the refreshments, an enjoyable part of the social program. Society plans to hold a social the latter part of this month and Mrs. Robert Funston was appointed chairman of the social committee to be assisted by Mrs. WE Curtis, Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. James E. Burnett. A social, too, is being planned for St. Patrick’s day, details to be arranged.  During the business session a committee for cleaning the Reformed church was appointed.  Mrs. S. B. Thompson, chairman; Mrs. E Doolittle and Mrs. J. E. Bennett to serve.  Mrs. Thompson was granted the renting of the vacuum cleaner for this purpose.  
Reported by the Saratogian on 9 Feb 1917

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