OTD: Saratoga County was formed from Albany County.

#Onthisdate in 1791, Saratoga County was formed from its parent, Albany County. 
Old Saratoga historian John Brandow describes the history of the partitions of Saratoga. 
“Saratoga was a name originally given by the Indians to a district of country with indefinite boundaries stretching from perhaps Waterford to the State dam at Northumberland and including both sides of the river. 

Then came the Saratoga Patent of 1684. which took in six miles on each side of the river, from Mechanicville north to the mouth of the Battenkill. March 24, 1772, the New York Colonial Legislature passed the first act which organized this territory into a legal entity. 

What has since become Saratoga County was then divided into two districts — Half Moon and Saraghtoga. As there were no towns organized here at that time, the district of Saraghtoga included Easton, now in the County of Washington, and nearly all the present County of Saratoga north of Anthony’s-kill, which enters the Hudson at Mechanicville, and it so continued until April I, 1775, when the west part of the county was organized into a separate district called Ballstown. 

Gen. E. F. Bullard, in his historical address, says very happily “As Virginia was called the mother of States, so Old Saratoga may be called the mother of towns.” First Ballston, as we have just seen, was taken from it. Then after New York burst the Provincial bud and blossomed into a State, and the machinery of a State government was set running, on the 7th of March, 1788, an act was passed organizing towns in the place of districts. By that act Stillwater, including Malta, was taken off from the Saratoga district, thus making what afterward became Saratoga County into four towns, viz : Halfmoon, Saratoga, Ballston and Stillwater, all of whiich were yet apart of Albany County. 

On the 3d of March, 1789, that part of Saratoga township lying on the east of the Hudson was erected into a township and called East Town. In 1791, this was set off to form part of Washington County. On the 7th of February, 1791, these four towns were separated from Albany County and erected into an independent county, and appropriately named Saratoga.” 
Within the county’s borders are the Adirondack Mountains, the Kayaderosseras Creek and Sacandaga River, numerous lakes and streams, and rolling farmland. The Hudson River forms the eastern and northern boundary of the county, and the Mohawk River, the southernmost boundary. 
Originally, Saratoga County had four towns: Ballston, Stillwater, Halfmoon and Saratoga. Today there are nineteen towns and two cities. Warren, Washington, Rensselaer, Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery, Fulton, and Hamilton Counties all border Saratoga County. 
Saratoga County’s prominence in American History is greatly due to its location and geography. As described by Nathaniel Sylvester in his book, History of Saratoga County, “In the angle formed by the junction of these two long deep valleys or passes through the mountain ranges, in the angle between the old Indian war-trails, in the angle between the pathway of armies, in the angle between the great modern routes of travel, in the angle formed by the junction of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, lies the territory now known as the county of Saratoga.” 
Consulted in putting together this post was the The Story of Old Saratoga and History  of Schuylerville by Brandow, John Henry Published 1900 and the Saratoga County Historian web page http://ift.tt/2khjlvn

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