OTD: Orders for intelligence gathering from Canada

On this date in 1779, Lieutenant General Frederick Haldimand, commanding the Northern British Army in Canada , orders two Loyalists, Lieutenants Thomas and William Fraser of McAlpin’s Corps of Royalists, down into New York from Canada to gather intelligence. But remember: no scalps… “(Copy) Quebec the 1st February 1779 Sir The Two Messrs Frasers being inclined to undertake a Scouting Party to procure Intelligence, I adress them first to you for Such Instruction as you shall think proper to give them on the occasion, and I beg that they may have any assistance they may want from You. I take this Opportunity of intimating to You, that the Roads becoming now practicable, I hope you will take care to Employ from time to time trusty People to go out by different Roads and without knowledge of one another. But I must Caution You against Scalps, the object being only Intelligence. I am &ca. (Signed) F[rederick] H[aldimand] Sir John Johnson ————– This great bit of information comes from Todd Braisted. Braisted operates the On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies. The Saratoga area had many loyalist who lived here before the war. Most of them became refugees in Canada or New York City. An example is Daniel McAlpin, who commanded McAplin’s Corp was from Stillwater in 1779. Stillwater similar to Saratoga were much bigger town in 1779 than they are today. Today, we would say Daniel McAlpin lived in Malta by Saratoga Lake. Source: Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21819, folio 5.}

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