OTD: Fighting the Grip in Schuylerville

#onthisday in 1916 the Saratogian was reporting the following news from Schuylerville: “Miss Hazel Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, Green street, is ill with the grip. Dr. B. C. Gow has been attending her.” “J. P. Collins, a local barber, is recovering from an attack of grip.” “Charles Morey is convalescing from an attack of grip.” 
The grip is a flu or influenza, It is also seen as the grippe. This is a highly infectious respiratory disease. It seems to start with a sore throat and bowell pains. This seems to be very common for that era. 
The year 1918 seems to very bad for Schuylerville. The City Historian in Mechanicville Paul Loatman pointed out to me that there was a “Spanish Influenza” epidemic in Schuylerville. The Saratogian on September 24, when the story, “Epidemic in Schuylerville,” related the fact that the State Health Department intended to send a doctor there to investigate the outbreak, with the promise that “every [business] will be closed to stop the spread of the disease.” Schools had been closed a few days earlier, but Schuylerville’s situation drew mention because it seemed so unusual.” You can read Loatman’s complete article at http://ift.tt/2kKN54u

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