Joseph Glass purchased Glass bakery

#onthisday in 1916 the Saratogian was reporting: “Joseph Glass is adding a luncheon department to his bakery on Broad street. Mr. Glass recently purchased the bakery business from his father, James Glass.” 
Glass’ bakery was on Broad Street in Schuylerville. The county records show that the purchase happened in 1919 between Daisy Glass and Joseph and Ethel Glass. 
Joseph Glass was an Irish immigrant. The Glass family property evolved into a restaurant (which served up to 750 people in a day), ice cream business, and lodge. 
The Glass Bakery was known for miles around. Mr. Glass installed snowplow on his trucks so that, even in the winter, baked goods would be delivered in a timely manner. The bakery, which was also a restaurant and hotel, was located on Broad Street. … In 1945, the Glass Bakery burned in a fire that was of suspicious origin. According to the rumor, a burglar broke in and then set fire to the bakery to destroy any evidence,” according to Thomas N. Wood III’s Around the Town of Saratoga. 
Around the Town of Saratoga and Saratoga by Thomas N. Wood III are available at bookstores and the Schuylerville Public Library 
Thomas N. Wood III is the current Supervisor of the Town of Saratoga. Wood was also the Historian of the Town of Saratoga and the Village of Schuylerville for decades.

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