OTD There was a wedding in Grangerville

#Onthisday in 1895, the Schuylerville Standard reported, “Wednesday, January 16, at one o’clock, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Brown of Grangerville, will occur the marriage of their daughter Mary, to Elmer Neilson.” 
Estella Lavilla Jones Brown (25 August 1852 – 1930) and Jacob Brown (1849 – 1927) hosted the wedding of their middle of three daughters, Mary F. (1874 – 1960) at their house in Grangerville. Mary married farmer Elmer Neilson (July 1860 – 14 Feb 1922) from the Cedar Bluff area (most likely along Neilson road, it is also referred to as Wayville in Stillwater) of the Town of Saratoga. Elmer Nelson was the son of Mary J (b 1838) and Edwin Neilson (b 1836). Elmer had two brothers and a sister.  
Mary and Elmer Neilson had seven children – four boys and three girls. When Elmer passed away at the age of 61, his son Howard ran the farm. The records only show two children getting married. On 18 June 1918, farm laborer Edwin Neilson (b 1896) married to Bessie Hagadorn (b 1899). They had six children and lived in Easton, NY. On 7 Sept 1920, Ralph E Neilson (April 1990) married school teacher Gertrude Mason (b 1897) and lived in South Glens Falls, NY. Ralph Neilson was an engineer at a paper plant.  
Family farms and farm homes remain cornerstones of our community, linking the past to the future through values, a landscape of fields and pastures, stone walls and weathered barns shaped by generations of hard-working farm families. The benefit that may be most valued by Saratoga residents is the ephemeral “quality of life” that farms help to provide.

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