Tradition is that the Indians used the Springs for medicine water

In 1950, the Saratogian reported: “TRADITION has it that the Indians used the springs for medicine water. The locality is rich in historic lore, is a part of the Saratoga Patent. The old Saratoga Patent was purchased from the Mohawks in 1684 but the Indian deed was not confirmed by the Colonial Government and the warrant for the patent was not issued until the year 1708. The Saratoga Patent was issued by His Excellency Edward Viscount Cornbury, Captain, General and Governor-in-Chief of the provinces of New York and New Jersey (on) Oct. 26, 1708, to Peter Schuyler and 13 others for a tract of land about 22 miles long, running six miles each side of the Hudson. Each of the parties was to pay 20 bushels of winter wheat yearly.” 
Today, the Mineral Springs at Quaker Springs are maintained by the Town of Saratoga. The Springs are open for visits and inspection. The Springs are located on Quaker Springs road just off NYS 32. 
Saratoga has been defined by the natural forces that shape the land and influence ecosystems. The Hudson River cuts a valley through bands of Devonian-age marine sedimentary rocks deposited in an ancient basin prior to the Taconic orogenic event. The river meanders across its valley with broad, flat floodplain areas alternating with steep cutbanks and bluffs. Above the river valley are dissected upland areas with exposed bedrock, rolling hills, and narrow valleys draining west to east flowing streams. There are many sites like the Mineral Springs in Quaker Springs that help define this community and our region. Natural resources and the systems that link them – geology, hydrology, and habitat – are important to the historic and cultural landscapes that we value in our community and wish to preserve. The natural and built environments are inextricably linked. Preserving key natural landscapes enhances historic settings and protects the natural systems that are shared throughout our community, county and region.

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