OTD: Art Patron Henry Frick was born

#onthisday in 1849 Henry Clay Frick was born in West Overton, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. 
Frick was a fervent art collector whose wealth allowed him to accumulate a large collection. His collection became the Frick Collection. 
The Frick Collection is an art museum located in the Henry Clay Frick House in Manhattan, New York City. The Frick Collection has Sir Joshua Reynolds  (1723–1792) painting of General John Burgoyne, ca. 1766. This is a very popular painting in historical circles. 
According to Art in The Frick Collection: Paintings, Sculpture, Decorative Arts by Harry N. Abrams (1996), “Best remembered as the British commander who in 1777 surrendered to American forces at Saratoga, John Burgoyne (1722–92) was also known in his day as a dandy, gambler, actor, amateur playwright, and Member of Parliament. This portrait may have been commissioned by his senior officer, Count La Lippe, as a memento of their Portuguese campaign of 1762. It is presumably the portrait that resulted from a sitting by General Burgoyne noted in Reynolds’ ledger for May of 1766; Burgoyne’s uniform is that of the Sixteenth Light Dragoons as it was worn until that month. The composition, with the dashing figure silhouetted before a low horizon and cloudy sky, was to become a classic type in Romantic portraiture.”

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