Champlain Canal Region VC

Today, was an important day for the Champlain Canal Region Visitors Center.  Assembly Member Carrie Woerner visited the Timber Frame Guild’s Community Build to announce that she has secured an additional $250,000 in New York State aid for the the project.

The Champlain Canal Region Gateway Visitors Center (GVC) is the product of a collaborative effort of non-profit and federal, state and local governments to introduce locals and travelers alike to the historically significant and culturally unique Champlain Canal Region of Lakes to Locks Passage. The GVC will be centrally located along the 60-mile path of the Champlain Canal on Route 29/Ferry Street in Schuylerville, NY where it will serve as an orientation point for visitors to explore communities in Rensselaer, Saratoga and Washington Counties. Pictured in this photo are some of the key supporters including Partnership Special Project Joseph Finan, Clerk of the Works David Roberts, Schuylerville Mayor John Sherman, Partnership Chairman Bill Richardson, Stillwater Supervisor Ed Kinowski, Assembly Member Carrie Woerner, and Saratoga Supervisor Tom Wood.

During these past two weeks, the Timber Frame Guild had 45 individuals work on this Community Build Project.  It has been an amazing process.  The future site of the Champlain Canal Gateway Visitors Center is as significant as it’s purpose. The structure will be built on Route 29/Ferry Street, a road that supports 10,000 vehicles per day, close to Fort Hardy Park and the Field of Grounded Arms, where General Burgoyne’s troops surrendered their weapons following defeat at the Battles of Saratoga. The center also will be within sight of an intact section of the historic Champlain Canal. It is accessible to boaters at the nearby Schuyler Yacht Basin and by pedestrians on the parallel Champlain Canalway Trail.

The Champlain Canal Gateway Visitors Center will be a timber frame structure, inspired by the architectural stylings of the nearby Schuyler House. The work will be completed, in part, by the Timber Framers Guild.  The Timber Framers Guild is dedicated to the art and science of Timber Framing and uses timber framing workshops to educate volunteers and the public in timber framing as they build and raise a timber frame structure for a local community.  The Gateway Visitor Center has been chosen by the TFG as their Community Building Project  for 2016.

This is an economic development and sustainable tourism opportunity for the community.  Lakes to Locks Passage has begun to assemble the key components of community-based destination stewardship, also called sustainable or place-based tourism. Place-based tourism engages all members of the community and builds community pride in the place they live. Each community has the opportunity to deliver an authentic tourism experience that is designed to spread benefits beyond individual attractions. It encourages visitors to stop, stay and spend money in a manner that benefits the entire community, serving as a basis for community revitalization and a sound local economy.

Funding for the project came from New York State and Federal grants, including generous support and contributions from the Saratoga County IDA and Saratoga County.  .


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