The Victors are Egged on Burgoyne Street

Sometimes, I come across a newspaper article that is just too good not to share (although it did not happen on this date.)  On 10 July 1899 the following happened as reported in the Schuylerville Standard (12 July 1899)

ss july 1899

The David Nevins Engine company, of Victory Mills, victors at Fort Edward, came down Monday night, headed by the Victory band. They marched through the principal streets of the village and made a fine appearance.  They were everywhere royally welcomed with cannon salutes, fireworks, colored fires, etc. The best of feeling was manifested and everybody was pleased. The Nevins machine was trimmed with brooms and was drawn by a team of horses. Everything passed off nicely until the parade was passing up Burgoyne street, when a shower of eggs hit several members of the band. The parade halted at once and a search was made for the miscreants who threw the eggs, but they could not be found, luckily for them. All citizens of this place are loud in their denunciation of the perpetrators of this cowardly act, and are sorry such a despicable act could be committed in our village. Minds so little and contemptible which could conceive and execute a deed of this kind, could wander throughout eternity on a pin head and never come in contact with each other.

I think we are all grateful that shower of eggs do not meet any band or fire company today.  But next time you drive on Burgoyne Street watch out for any miscreants with eggs.

Cheers for the David Nevins Fire Company for their successes in the past.  This was most likely in a fire hand pump muster.  Neighboring villages of Victory and Schuylerville have a great history of competition with hand pumpers. Fire Musters started in this country in Bath, Maine in July of 1849. It is the oldest recreational sport in the country. 

The David Nevins Fire Company continues today proudly serving the village of Victory, hamlet of Smithville, surrounding areas and the greater community.  If anyone has an interest in helping them out, you can visit their Village firehouse on a Thursday night or call the village offices. 


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