OTD: Ambulance Fund Drive Starts Monday Quaker Springs

#Onthisday in 1956, An Ambulance Fund Drive Starts Monday Quaker Springs
 The Saratogian reported on 1 June 1956 that: “The kickoff for the Stillwater ambulance fund drive in Quaker Springs will be held at the firehouse Monday at 8 p.m. 
The service of the Stillwater ambulance is being extended to the Quaker Springs area, and persons in the Quaker Springs Dist. interested in seeing the newly purchased ambulance demonstrated are invited to inspect it Monday night at the firehouse. 
A house-to-house canvass will be conducted by Mrs. Martin Phillips, chairman; Mrs. Arthur Traver, Mrs. Howard Blodgctt. Mrs. Nileland Wood. Mrs. Edward Kirknatrick and Mrs. Leonard Grinter. Any contributions will be appreciated, the committee says.”
Today, the entire Town of Saratoga is served by the General Schuyler Emergency Squad which still holds fund drives.  Our Town Bookeeper, Patricia Temple volunteers her time at the Squad and sends the thank you notes for the donations. 

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