Election Day

voteNew York will hold its presidential primary today (April 19).  The polls are open from Noon to 9 pm.

The last presidential primary was in 2012 .  In the Town of Saratoga 136 people voted.  Ron Paul got 28 votes, Newt Gingrich received 19 votes, Mitt Romney received 77 votes and Rick Santorium received 12 votes.

In 2008, 320 people voted in the democratic primary.  184 voted for Hillary Clinton, 4 for Bill Richardson, 2 for Joe Biden, 4 for John Edwards, and 124 for Barrack Obama.  417 people voted in the republican primary.  36 voted for Ron Paul, 2 for Alan Keyes, 9 for Rudy Giuliani, 123 for Mitt Romney, 39 for Mike Huckabee, 202 for John McCain and 1 for Fred Thompson.


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