OTD: It was reported “Schuylerville Road in Poor Condition”

On March 22, 1940 the Saratogian reported: Schuylerville Road in Poor Condition
Are you going from Saratoga Springs to Schuylerville? Better take some other than the main road, F. Ray Williams, county highway superintendent, suggested today.
Due to the construction of the new road the going is rough and often soft, he said.
He suggested motorists drive out Union Ave. to the Piping Rock, take the county road there which leaves the main Union Ave. highway in the center of a “Y,” and follow it to and across Stafford’s Bridge. Turn left immediately after crossing the bridge, and follow that macadam road to the Quaker Springs-Schuylervillc Road at the Cramer School House. There turn left on the state highway and enter Schuylerville through Victory Mills.
This route, he said, is not much longer, and can be covered in about the same time and much more comfortably, due to the better road conditions.

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