Collecting Thanksgiving Past

 The Saratoga Historian’s collections consist of artifacts donated by the public. The Historian office accepts donations and contributions for future display in the Saratoga Town Hall. The current collecting effort focuses on Thanksgiving in the communities of Saratoga, Schuylerville and Victory. Thanksgiving ephemera including candles, plates, dishes, cornucopia, audio recordings,clothing, photographs, postcards, moving images, and documents donation are requested.

 “Most people do not realize that that first National Thanksgiving was declared because of the American Victory at Saratoga in 1777,” explains Historian Sean Kelleher. “Saratoga is ‘sacred ground’ that represents early national efforts to create a shared American identity and evolving sense of patriotism. Thanksgiving from its roots with the Battles of Saratoga embraces all that we value as Americans and we hope to show what this community values in a future exhibit”

Also the Historian’s office is looking for donations of mannequins to display clothing and photographic tripods.  For more information, contact Historian Sean Kelleher by email at, or by phone 698-3210. Learn more at


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