Coin Forum part of the Saratoga NHP Quarter

As part of the Saratoga National Historical Park Quarter Launch & Coin Exchange  there will be a Coin Forum on November 16, 2015 at Saratoga Town Hall’s Schuyler Room.  The US Mint describes it as “a venue to express views and ask questions about existing, new and upcoming U.S. Mint products.”  A review of other Quarter Launches show that these forum start with a presentation on how the coin design was selected.  It was a multi-part process for Saratoga with Park Historian Eric Schnitzer working with the artist to ensure historical accuracy. This forum is also a question and answer session with US Mint officials. During an event in Nebraska  all 12 concepts for the Homestead National Monument of America quarter were displayed, The Mint official described the process of taking a quarter from concept to production, which he said is largely political. “(Other countries) have a lot of latitude to just come up with a design, make a coin and make it out of whatever they want,” he said. “Everything we do at the United States Mint is legislative. We in essence come up with a bill, it goes to congress, it has to pass congress, so all the designs you see actually had to go through congress.”  In addition to discussing the Homestead quarter, He took questions about the Mint in general. He said one issue currently being dealt with is how to get production costs of each nickel to be less than a nickel.

It sounds like an entertaining night. I am planning on arriving early to get a seat.


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