Teachers are you looking for a great way to spend the summer?

Fort Ticonderoga_sky view

The Associated Press reported last week that Fort Ticonderoga has been awarded a federal education grant that will be used to host history workshops for teachers next summer.  The workshops will focus on the American Revolution’s northern frontier and Fort Ticonderoga’s key role in the events leading up to the Battles of Saratoga in 1777.

This is great news if you’re a teacher looking for professional development.  The details are here.  The important details are that the NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop for School Teachers will be offered twice: June 26-July 1 and July 24-29, 2016. There is no fee for this program and all participants receive a $1,200 stipend to help defray expenses.

It will be a busy week, but I recommend it.  In my past, I have been project director for many teacher professional projects including these weeklong workshops.  This one looks fantastic and it is led by Fort Ti’s Rich Strum.  Strum has done an amazing job building the educational aspects of Fort Ticonderoga over the past years.  The speakers look outstanding, including Saratoga NPS ranger Eric Schnitzer and researcher Todd Braisted.

The fort will use the grant for 72 school teachers.  I will tell you, that one of the most difficult tasks with these workshops is actually to get teachers to sign up.  If you know a teacher (and it does not need to be a history teacher) that can use this type of professional development, please pass the link on.

Fort Ticonderoga was one of 22 institutions nationwide and four institutions in New York state to receive NEH grants for Landmarks Workshops in 2016.


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