Selfie changes tourism

StepFeed which is described as the homepage of the Middle East has a thought provoking article on “How our selfie-crazed culture has affected Egypt’s tourism

What caught my eye is “In this brave new world of waterproof smartphones and selfie sticks, many tourists are more concerned with taking the best possible selfies than with actually experiencing the attractions they have traveled to visit.”

This reminded me of the recent visit of Pope Francis  

The Newsday article “A playful Pope Francis laughed, played and took lots and lots of selfies with hundreds of inner-city schoolchildren during a visit to East Harlem Friday.”  I heard commentary on television talk about how the selfie was more important to young people than looking into the Pope’s eye.

Watching the visit and reading this article makes me wonder how tourism sites in our community and region can transform to become selfie ready?  Maybe the question is should we change but a little effort might pay off.

Places like Australia has done this with special technology as shown here

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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