Schuylerville Public Library New Library Director

lib1Schuylerville Library Board President Amy Carpenter announced that Caitlin Johnson has been selected as the new Schuylerville Public Library Director.
“We are thrilled to have Ms. Johnson joining us to lead the Schuylerville Public Library,”
Schuylerville Library Board President Carpenter said. “I look forward to working with
her to make sure all residents served by our library have access to high-quality public library services. We were fortunate to have several qualified candidates but the board unanimously agreed on the final selection.”

The position of full-time Library Director was added to the staff for this year. The current staff are pleased to have Ms. Johnson joining them. Current Interim Director
Julie Martin, who will be staying with the library in the new position of Library Assistant, said “Having Caitlin join our team is like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to the library enhancements that will be possible with her professional background and education. It’s a win-win situation!”

Johnson has lived in the Saratoga Springs area all of her life. She is a history buff, a baker, and a world traveler. She attended high school at Saratoga Springs High, attended college at the University at Albany, where she earned her BA in English, MA in Classics, and her MS in Information Studies. Her past endeavors include: Periodicals Assistant at Skidmore College, Archival Consultant at Crandall Public Library, Circulation and Computer Clerk at Saratoga Springs Public Library, and Children’s Librarian at Ballston Spa Public Library. The variety of library experiences she’s had make her an excellent choice for Schuylerville’s new full-time Library Director position.

“There are a lot of exciting improvements on the horizon for Schuylerville Public Library and I’m honored to be a part of the transformation. I’ll bring my creativity and
customer service skills to my new position, in hopes that our team will create an even greater community center in Schuylerville,” Ms. Johnson said.

The Schuylerville Public Library is in the Village of Schuylerville on 52 Ferry Street. In addition to a variety of books and programs, it provides a website filled with digital content and services. The Schuylerville Public Library is a school district library, established in 2013 to serve sections of the Towns of Easton, Fort Edward, Greenwich, Northumberland, Saratoga, Stillwater, and Wilton along with the Villages of Schuylerville and Victory. In 2013, the Schuylerville Public Library was named a 3-star library by the Library Journal magazine. Each year, the Schuylerville Public Library hosts hundreds of programs and serves thousands of people. All of its programs and exhibitions are free and open to the public. Connect here for TLC! (Technology, Literacy, and Community). To learn more, visit

(Town Historian S. Kelleher is also a trustee of the library.)


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